Managing Director Tom Faust Comments on Mylan’s PR Crisis in WSJ

Recently, pharmaceutical manufacturer, Mylan NV came under fire for dramatically raising the cost of EpiPen, a life saving allerg [...]

On “Thought” and “Leadership”

Thought leadership (you may want to add the adjective “true”) is one of the most overused terms in the industry. It’s pondered ov [...]

CEO Alex Stanton Comments on Airline’s Need for Transparency

Last week, Delta faced a crisis when all flights were grounded leaving thousands of passengers stranded. Stanton PRM's CEO Alex S [...]

The Times They Are a Changin’, For IR Pros

As private equity has matured over the past decade and expanded, so too, have the communication responsibilities that investor re [...]

The Uphill Communications Battle on the Road to Rio

“…Try as the powers might to censor us, control us, ice us out, tamp us down, keep us quiet...a small group of passionate people [...]

What is the Value of Media Coverage Behind a Paywall?

More and more online content providers are turning to paywalls and subscription-based revenue streams to save their bottom lines [...]

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